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Engineering Services

Steam and Gas Turbine Controls

TurboTek’s engineers are turbine specialists who have over several years of collective experience in digital turbine control systems.  TurboTek is capable to translate specific customer circumstances, applications, and equipment needs to design a custom solution that meets all requirements

TurboTek’s turbine specialists design control systems for turbomachinery engines by taking into account the reliability and longevity that steam and gas turbines are relied upon.  During the design, TurboTek considers the following:

  • Start and stop governor requirements
  • Complex auxiliary systems
  • Custom integration with a variety of OEM available generator or compressor controls

By using closed loop controls, TurboTek provides precise speed control of the turbine shaft on startup and stopping.  The TurboTek control solutions also include precise automatic governing, sequencing and load control, regardless of industry or application. TurboTek systems have been proven to dramatically increase start availability, reliability, and performance when compared to analog-relay or hydro-mechanical systems. They also have extensive diagnostics and communication facilities allowing for easy interface with other systems, including SCADA or DCS.

TurboTek highly experience personnel have completed turbine controls and mechanical services on the following turbines:

Power Turbine Avon
Power Turbine Centaur 40
Power Turbine Centaur 50
Power Turbine GE F5
Power Turbine RR RB-211 24GT
Power Turbine SGT-A35
Power Turbine SGT-A45
Power Turbine Taurus 60
Power Turbine Trent 60 (SGT-A65)
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