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North Java – Oil Rig Platform

Project description: BDEP basic design engineering package (select and define study) for replacement of control and protection systems for OPRA GTG’s

Plant: Oil Rig Platform

Machines: OPRA-16 Gas Turbine, 1.7 MW each, single shaft engine & driving a Marathon Generator connected to cold end shaft

Control Platforms: Siemens S7-400H PLC (redundant and failsafe), Siemens S7-300 PLC, DEIF Load Sharing, Wonderware HMI

East Borneo – Power Plant

Project description: Troubleshooting, Gas Turbine Exchange, Power Turbine Removal & Inspection, Start Up, Supply vibration monitoring system

Plant: Power Plant

Machines: RB211-24GT, 28 MW each, driving a Brush Generator connected to hot end and HRSG with Steam Turbines

Control Platforms: Allen Bradley RsLogix 5000, Wonderware HMI, BN 3500 Vibration, Det-Tronics Fire and Gas System. Shinkawa VMS

Batam – Power Plant

Project description : Troubleshooting, Spare Parts Supply, Gas Turbine Engine Exchange, Borescope, Power Turbine Removal/Installation and Start Up Assitance.

Plant: Power Plant

Machines: RB211-24GT Gas Turbine, 28 MW each, two shaft engine & 1 shaft power turbine driving a Brush generator connected to hot end and 2 units of Steam Turbines

Control Platforms: RR Entronics FT110, Ifix HMI, BN 3500

Riau – Oil Field

Project description: GE Frame 5 Control & Excitation Retrofit

Plant: Oil Field

Machines: GE Frame 5 (25MW PowerGen).

Control Platforms: Triconnex TMR, ABB Unitrol & Synchrotact

Riau – Pulp & Paper

Project description: Investigate Solar Turbines Generator #2 Generator Interlock after Fire and Feed Study, Fault finding root cause Generator fire, AVR, Protection and Synchronize

Plant: Pulp & Paper

Machines: Solar Turbine Generator Taurus 60

Control Platforms: Allen Bradley RsLogix 5000, BN 3500, Factory Talk HMI, and Det-Tronics Fire and Gas System

Jambi – Oil & Gas Processing Plant

Project description: Taurus 60 Control & HMI Rétrofit

Plant: Oil & Gas Processing Plant

Machines: Solar Turbines

Control Platforms: RsLogix 5000 & Factory Talk HMI

East Borneo – Power Plant

Project description: Replace Woodward GS6 Fuel Gas Valve

Plant: Power Plant

Machines: GE TM2500 Gas Turbine Generator

Control Platforms: Woodward Micronet & ABB Unitrol Excitation

West Java – Power Plant

Project description: Replace Siemens PLC for Burner Management System and  Troubleshooting PLC S7-200

Plant: Power Plant

Machines: GE Frame 5, Gas Turbine Generator GE Frame 5

Control Platfroms: Speedtronics Mark VI, Siemens S7-200 PLC

East Borneo – Power Plant

Project description: Replacement of obsoleted CEMS System and integrated to Yokogawa DCS

Plant: Power Plant

Machines: LM6000 Gas Turbines, Gas Turbine Generator LM6000 with Mark Vie and Yokogawa DCS

Control Platforms: Woodward Micronet & Simplicity HMI

Madura – Oil Platform

Project description:

Solar turbines Taurus 60 engine exchange

Site Installation & Load sharing 3 Cummins DG’s with Kawasaki GTG

Plant: Offshore production facilities

Machines: Cummins DG’s & Kawasaki GTG, Solar turbines Taurus 60

Control Platforms: Woodward EasyGen 3500 & Allen Bradley Control Logix 5000

East Java - Petro Chemical Plant

Project Desc: Supply vibration probes & cables, contract maintenance for 3 x GE frame 5 for 12 months.

Machines : HMI steam turbines

Control platforms : Rockwell Allen Bradley Plc 5 shutdown PLC, WW 505 & Protech 203, BN-3300

South Borneo - Power Plant

Plant: Power plant

Machines : Steam turbines generator, WTP

Control platforms : PLC ABB

East Java - Paper Factory

Project Desc: HRSG Honeywell DCS & GE frame 6B, spare parts supply, repair gas valve regulator & metering skids.

Machines : HRSC boiler & GE frame 6B
Control platforms : Honeywell DCS & Mark VLE


South Sumatra - Fertilizer plant

Project Desc: Speed control, anti surge, load sharing control upgrade.

Plant: Fertilizer plant

Machines : Mitsubishi steam turbine for air compressor and syn gas compressor.
Control platforms : Replacement from woodward micronet to CCC prodyg.


East Java - Sugar factory

Project Desc: Man turbo steam turbine generator commisioning

Plant: Sugar factory

Machines : Man turbo extration STG 10 MW and condensing STG 13 MW. compressor.

East Java - Fertilizer plant

Project Desc: GE frame 5 FGPI inspection, fill instrument calibration and start up assistant.

Machines : GE frame 5 (MS5001)

Control platforms : GE speedtronics mark vie EX2100E.

South Sumatra - Oil production facility

Plant: Power plant

Machines : Solar turbine Taurus 60.

Control platforms : Siemens PLCS7400

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